As a long-term supply partner to the automotive industry, Visscher-Caravelle understands the essential nature of quality in terms of process, product and service. Quality is designed into the products and processes using techniques such as FMEA and DOE. Our manufacturing plants are accredited by a majority of the large automotive manufacturers in Europe.

Our ISO 9001, ISO/TS 16949, ISO 14001 and Ford Q1 certifications are formal recognition of our commitment. These systems, combined with the individual efforts of all our employees, together enable us to deliver a quality product and outstanding service. Our commitment has been recognised with quality awards by our customers, and our management system has been certified by Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance. In addition, Visscher-Caravelle actively monitors its supply chain, and can provide training to full Tier 2 supplier level, as required. The robust development of these activities further boosts the added value Visscher-Caravelle brings to its customers.

Visscher-Caravelle works continuously to meet customer requirements and ensure customer satisfaction. All processes are designed to guarantee high performance for such key elements as quality, delivery, flexibility, cost and innovation. Our customers, quite rightly, expect nothing less than first-class service from all their suppliers, large or small, irrespective of the quantity or amount of their purchase. At Visscher-Caravelle, we are proud to deliver that high level of service.