Within Visscher-Caravelle, we strive to create optimal working and living environments for our employees. Along with a safe work area and a positive and favourable work climate, we also try to create a culture in which every employee feels comfortable.

Respect for the individual is at the centre of this concept. Visscher-Caravelle promotes diversity by means of a culture that seeks to find a balance between personal values and the values and standards of our company. Starting with our personnel policy, we are dedicated to providing equal, non-discriminatory opportunities for every employee

With this policy, success can be fomented in two respects: personal success, a feeling of satisfaction and contentment in your daily work and the desired results of this, and the success of the company, such as achieving good economic results and a positive, stimulating and enterprising company culture.

Teamwork is an excellent means to create and maintain this type of culture. For these reasons, in everything it does, Visscher-Caravelle emphasises above all the importance of working as part of a team. The greatest success can be realised when a group of employees work together with a single goal in mind, and aid each other in achieving that goal.